How to Find the Perfect Lot for Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is an exciting undertaking that truly takes time, thought, and energy. But one of the most critical decisions is: Where should we build?

Here’s a quick guide to narrowing down all the options and finding the perfect lot for your dream home.

1. What neighborhood amenities do you want?

Most people would start with location, but we would suggest starting with your ideal neighborhood. Why? Because if you pick a town (or lake) but the neighborhood isn’t a good fit, then is it really your dream home?

So first step is to determine what you want your neighborhood to look like. Do you want maintenance free living? Larger, more secluded lots? A lot of space for family activities?

2. Do you want to be on the water or off?

Did you know we actually have many off-the-water lots? If you just want periodic access to the lake, without worrying about any lake-related maintenance, we actually can help you there.

Or, if you want the ability to walk down from your porch, straight onto your boat for an evening cruise, we can help there too.

But once you think about the ideal neighborhood, next is to think about the ideal location in that neighborhood for your home – on or off water?

3. Which town (or city)?

Now that you have a picture of what your ideal lot and neighborhood look like, we’d love to help you find that perfect lot – whether on Geist, in Noblesville or in Anderson. One of the best parts about our communities? They all have the ability to get back to the hustle and bustle of the city if you want to go out! So you can have the benefits of lakefront (or off water) living with access to the city.

Using this method, you’ll be able to know what your perfect lot looks like when you tour different neighborhoods – making step 1 of building your dream home much easier.

Want a quick “cheat sheet” of our communities? See below:

We’d love to help you find the perfect lot – just give Rob a call at (317) 845-0270 ext. 104.

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