New Trends in Building: Craftsman Homes

The real estate market is ever evolving and a new trend in custom home building is the craftsman home.

The History of Craftsman Homes

The “Craftsman” home typically is viewed to have originated in Southern California around the turn of the 20th century and is often credited to a pair of brothers, Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, who pioneered the style. The earliest craftsman homes appear in Southern California, but as time passed, the popularity grew and they became the most popular style of new construction between 1905 and 1920.

What Defines “Craftsman”?

Typically, craftsman homes are defined by a few features they have in common. Firstly, they tend to feature a low pitched, gabled roof, inspired by Oriental architecture:

AA Trueline Construction Services Inc.

Secondly, one of the most obvious and noticeable commonalities is the presence of a front porch:

Sears Craftsman in Del Ray

Thirdly, often the columns of the home are tapered:

Craftsman Home

Additionally, many feature a partially paned front door and multi-paned windows, rather than single paned:

Greenlake Craftsman
Custom Craftsman

They also tend to be earth toned colors and the external features multiple materials:


Front Exterior

On the inside and under the eaves, architects will often leave the beams exposed:

A craftsman style home can be a timeless style of architecture if you’re looking to build a new home on the lake.

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