Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Buying Land

Buying land can be a different challenge compared to buying an already-constructed home. Make sure to ask these questions to cover all your bases and make sure you know everything you need to know before you build.

While some of these questions may seem obvious for many lots available in Marina Limited Partnership communities (i.e. “Are there any water features?”), this list should be useful on any land transaction:


  1. How is the property accessed? (By road, easement, etc)
  2. Are there any water features on the property? (Such as rivers, creeks, ponds, etc)
  3. Are utilities available to the property? (City water & sewer, electrical, etc.)
  4. Has the property been surveyed and are boundaries marked?
  5. Who are the surrounding neighbors?
  6. Can I get a clear title to the property with title insurance?
  7. Do the timber, mineral, and water rights transfer with the sale?
  8. Are there any easements on the property?
  9. Are there any known environmental concerns with the property? Or any other governmental or legal issues the current owners are aware of?
  10. How is the property zoned?
  11. What are the annual property taxes?
  12. Is any part of the property deemed to be in a flood plain?
  13. Is there a homeowners’ association in this community?
  14. Is the lot buildable? (There are a multitude of legal reasons that a lot may not be buildable – make sure to double check. All Marina Limited Partnership lots are buildable.)


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