4 Reasons to Build a Custom Home on Your Lake Lot

Once you find your perfect lot, the next step is to start to build your dream home. Here are a few things to consider when deciding the direction to go when building. We suggest going the custom route in our communities. Here’s why:

1. Builder Experience: Most builders, in order to call themselves “Custom Home Builders,” typically have years of experience under their belt. Therefore, you’re working with a builder who knows the ins and outs of working and building on the lake – what works and what won’t.

2. Efficiency and Technology: We’ve written about this before, but technology in homebuilding is always improving. Using a custom builder allows you to pick and choose the top of the line technology and can make your home incredibly energy efficient. From solar panels to self-tinting windows, updated technology can save you time, money, and effort – truly making your new home in to your dream home.

3. Customization: This goes without saying, but if you don’t use a custom home builder, you may be locked into certain features that you can’t get away from. With a custom builder, you can pick everything, down to the last detail. (Want ideas? Check out this post on Useful Kitchen Upgrades)

4. Durability: Most custom homes come with service and warranties that last well beyond that of their non-custom “cousins.” For your dream home, in a custom home, you won’t have to worry when something breaks – it will be taken care of.

Need help finding the perfect builder or the lot for your dream home? Just give Rob a call at (317) 845-0270 ext. 104 and we’ll help you get started building the home of your dreams.


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