New Offering - Cambridge Water Front and Water Access lots NOW AVAILABLE!
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Making Your Job Easier

At Marina Limited Partnership, we understand the pressures and problems unique to custom home builders. We strive to partner with you and do what we can to make your job easier. You’ll find that we are flexible, helpful, and easy to work with. Together we can make your clients’ dreams come true.

Resources At the Ready

The booming growth and expansion of Geist Lake and the surrounding area make it easy to obtain the resources you need to keep your projects running smoothly. Our waterfront properties may offer a place to retreat and relax, but we aren’t as isolated as we seem. Whatever equipment or materials you need will be close by when you need them.

Building Your Reputation

In custom home building, reputation is everything. Our incredible lots will provide the ideal canvas on which you can create the masterpiece your clients are hoping for. Building in our exclusive communities will give you an opportunity to build your reputation as a premier custom home builder able to deliver on your clients’ dreams time after time.

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