7 Features of a Well Stocked Guest Bathroom

Taking the time to make sure your guest room is well stocked shows how much you care about your guests. But don’t neglect the bathroom. Making sure the bathroom for your guests is well stocked helps avoid any uncomfortable situations and shows you are willing to go the extra mile as a host. Consider checking these items off your list as you prepare for visitors:

Bottled Water
As a prepared host or hostess, you have probably put a couple of these in your guest’s bedroom, but don’t forget the bathroom as well. Give your guests the option to brush with bottled water (versus trying to put their mouth under the sink faucet) or have something to take their medicines with. It will save them a trip to the kitchen or back to their room.

Lip Balm
Travel and summer sun is difficult on lips. And the pain of forgetting a favorite chapstick can be rough (literally) on your guests. Since lip balm isn’t something you should share, leaving a few unopened tubes of lip balm in your guest’s bathroom will keep them smiling throughout their stay.

Basic Over-the-Counter Medication
Keep sample packs or small bottles of common medications like ibuprofen, acetaminophen or antacids in your guest’s bathroom. Your visitors probably won’t think to pack such items and providing them will ensure they are feeling great during their whole trip.

Night Light
Stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night can be hazardous–especially for older or very young guests. A night light will help your visitor find his or her way around the bathroom without having to switch on a blinding light at 2 am.

Take a note from hotels and make sure to provide your guests with basic toiletries items such as toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, soap and lotion. If you would like to be extra hospitable, you can even provide hair products, mouthwash or shaving supplies. You can stock your guest bathroom with samples or select bath products with scents that will remind them of summer. Choosing a special aroma or brand allows you to share a bit of your personality and creates fond scent memories of their time with you.

Extra Toothbrushes
Keep those basic toothbrushes you receive from your annual dental checkups and put them in your guest’s bathroom. Toothbrushes are often an item that is overlooked during packing.

Extra Toilet Paper & A Plunger
Perhaps the best thing you can do as a host is to help your guest avoid any awkward situations. Make sure their bathroom is stocked with plenty of toilet paper and provide an easy to access plunger just in case.

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