Building the Perfect Home vs Buying

With the real estate market being incredibly “hot” right now, many people are looking to build, rather than buy, their perfect home. In fact, new home construction was up 6.7% in May, up from the initial 1% projection.

And there are many benefits to building rather than buying.

Firstly, with the real estate buying market, there’s currently a shortage of inventory, leading to inflated prices, and thus, either the buyer paying more for what they want or getting less home for the same price. With building, the price of your home is more accurate to what you get and less affected by the shortage of inventory on the market. Additionally, with interest rates continuing the climb, this only compounds the higher prices.

Additionally, you can customize what you want – it truly is your dream home, rather than trying to find your dream home on the market (then over-paying for it) or find something “close enough” and deal with the imperfections.

New homes are also more energy efficient – from the insulation, to roofing and everything in between — all of which will save you money in the long run (and in the short term as well, as many of these may include tax deductions).

While the experience of building instead of buying in different, in that you get to customize everything, the financial side of the building process is very similar to that of the buying process – so rest assured that you won’t need to familiarize yourself with an entirely new process. Lastly, with our lots, we offer special in-house lot financing.

In this real estate market, building your next home may be a better solution than settling for buying.

Looking to build? Ask Rob about our special in-house financing for finding your perfect homesite!


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