Why Fall is a Great Time to Find Your Dream Home’s Lot

With the official start of fall just passing a couple weeks ago, it actually is the perfect time to look at lots around Geist, Morse, or Clearwater in Anderson. Why? Here are several reasons:

  • Interest Rates: With interest rates still being fairly low, that means it’s still a great time to buy any piece of property.
  • Beat the Weather: Fall provides a great opportunity for looking at properties. It’s a simple notion, but it’s not a sweltering Indiana summer or a freezing winter. That way, when walking around potential lots, you’re comfortable. Additionally, many of our communities offer wonderful settings during the fall where you can experience nature’s beauty.
  • Year End Tax Breaks: With the year nearing its end, people are starting to think about taxes. With mortgage interest and property taxes deductible, purchasing property (if you were planning on it anyway) before the end of the year can help reduce your tax burden come April.
  • School Schedule: With the school year back in full swing, it provides a great opportunity between summer break and winter break for you to find the perfect lot for your dream home. You won’t have to worry about entertaining the kids while looking for property.
  • Get the Process Started Before the Holidays: If you find your dream lot, you can know during the holiday season that your dream home is on its way, providing another joy to look forward to.

Looking for the perfect lot for your dream home this fall? Check out our communities or contact Rob and we’ll help you start your new lake life!


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