Kayaking Tips for Beginners

Looking to get out on the lake for some adventure, exercise or solitude? Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the lake. It’s relatively easy to learn, and doesn’t require the same amount of equipment and skills as driving a motorboat. With the tips below, you’ll be paddling your way to fun in no time!

Know How to Hold the Paddle

You only have 1 paddle in a kayak, but if you don’t hold it right, you might find yourself unable to move. Hold the paddle with two hands, just over shoulder-width apart and use the concave part of the paddle should be facing you. A good rule of thumb is to keep your knuckles in line with the blades.

Dress Appropriately

Since you will be out on the water, it’s always smart to wear sunscreen, sunglasses and possibly a hat. Make sure you have on water shoes or sandals with secure straps. It’s likely that you’ll be stepping into the water to get yourself moving, and you won’t want your shoes to float away from you. Also, remember to dress for the water rather than the weather. Just in case you happen to flip (or just get splashed), wear a swimsuit or quick-drying clothes.

Consider packing a change of clothes for when you’re done kayaking.

Know Rescue Procedures

It’s unlikely that your kayak will capsize on the calm waters of the lake, especially if you stay close to shore and out of the wake-zones. But, it is always best to be prepared. Make sure to stay with your boat if you capsize. Travel with an experienced kayak-er who can teach you what to do in case of an emergency, or review safety procedures with an instructor beforehand. Wearing a life preserver is also always a good choice.

Don’t Kayak Alone

Whether you rent a tandem kayak for two or venture out with a partner in two single kayaks, the safest way to enjoy this lake activity is with someone else.


If you don’t have a kayak of your own, you can always rent one. Geist Marina has dual and single kayak rentals starting at just $10. So get out there and enjoy the water!

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