Useful Kitchen Upgrades when Building a New Home

One of the benefits of building rather than buying is that you are able to truly create the home of your dreams. There are so many options to consider when planning your ideal space, and the kitchen is no exception. Homeowners are always coveting kitchens with maximum storage, lots of counter space, large islands, and natural lighting. It’s the hub of your home, so the kitchen is a great place to splurge a bit on some extra features. Here are some useful kitchen must-haves when building a custom home.

Pot Filler

Installing a convenient faucet near your stovetop means you’ll no longer have to lug heavy pots of pasta water from the sink to the burner. Select a finish that matches the rest of your hardware, and it will fit in seamlessly with your design.

Built-in Dishtowel Hamper

It’s always a mystery where to put dirty towels or your linen napkins you used at dinner. Consider adding a handy hamper to your kitchen. A simple pull-out hamper gives you a quick way to stash your kitchen’s laundry until you’re ready to throw them in the wash.

Walk-in Pantry

A large walk-in pantry is a must-have for any dream kitchen. In addition to plenty of shelf space, consider adding drawers for fancy linens, or cabinets for fine china and holiday platters.

Double Appliances

Around the holidays, homeowners often wish their appliances could double. But with a custom home, you can plan before the parties begin. Whether you’re pining for double ovens, two dish washers or a large refrigerator with dual drawers, make sure they’re in your blueprints.

Warming Drawer

If you have double ovens, it might be useful for you to add a warming drawer to your kitchen as well. That way, all your home-cooked meals won’t grow cold. Warming drawers are great for entertaining or just keeping a meal warm while you wait for the whole family to sit down. And if you’re hard-pressed to find a time to feed everyone at once, it’s a great option for when family members arrive for dinner at different times.

Hidden Outlets

If you’ve selected the perfect backsplash for your kitchen, the last thing you need is for a kitchen outlet to break up the beautiful look you had in mind. Instead, have outlets installed directly underneath your upper cabinets. Or, upgrade for a fancier hidden outlet that slides up from your countertop.


Whatever is on your wish list, your dream kitchen can certainly be a reality.

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